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Aid to the Hurting Poor and Sick

Aid to Christians in the Holy Land

Bethany Orthodox School for Girls in the Holy Land

The Priory of the United States of America continues assisting Serving Brother Daniel Koski of the Holy Land Commandery with his appointed task of raising funds for the Bethany Orthodox School for Girls in Bethany, the place of the raising of Lazarus since 2014.  


The School is under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Ecclesiastical Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, which is now reunified with the Moscow Patriarchate but maintains an independent hierarchal structure under Metropolitan Hilarion of New York.  Since 1937 the School has been at the forefront of the education of Christian girls from across the Holy Land; since the 1970s it has been a private girls school with a Palestinian Muslim majority and has retained its primary objective of caring for Holy Land Christian girls from adverse family circumstances.  Currently there are approximately 20 girls under the care of Sister Martha Wall, head of the boarding section as well as the principal of the School. 

St. Martha's House in Bethlehem

These are updated photographs sent to the Priory of the United States of America thanking us for our continued generosity by Laila Asfoura, a Saint Lazarus member and Executive Director of St. Martha's House. Our financial efforts and prayers are helping the most needy ladies in Bethlehem. Through the video they share their touching story with us.

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