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Investiture & Gala

" I do solemnly promise to God...."

During the Middle Ages, a squire on the night before his knighting ceremony was expected to take a cleansing bath, fast, make confession and then hold an all-night vigil of prayer in the chapel, preparing himself for the life as a knight. We commemorate symbolically this ritual in our vigil ceremony the night before the investiture. Postulants join in prayer and take the oath of service to humanity and the Order.


The investiture ceremony is the formal admittance to the Order. The Postulants then pledge before God to observe the rules and statutes of the Order, to uphold the high ideals of Christian devotion, service and charity, to further by their labors, oblations and prayers its efforts to alleviate suffering of Christians in heathen lands and to bring about unity among all Christians.


They then swear allegiance to the Grand Master and other leaders of the Order, saving that owed to their own country. The Postulants then receive the Mantle and insignia of the Order. Promotions of members are also performed at this time. The ceremony concludes with a Blessing and Dismissal.

USA Investitures

Spring 2022

Falmouth, Massachuttes

Fall 2021
Falmouth, Massachuttes

Fall 2019

Falmouth, Massachusetts

Spring 2021
Williamsburg, Virginia


Spring 2019

Newport, Rhode Island

The Triennial Chapter General International Vigil & Investitures

Vigil Service at the Coptic Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Investiture at St. Anne Church
in Jerusalem

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